Store We make sure to develop and manufacture only the most advanced, safest and highest quality products. Colagen Plus 7 Powder Ingredients Premium – 30 capsules Colagen Plus 7 Ingredients gives your skin a radiant and healthy look, together with volume, elasticity and firmness. I would like to place an order Colagen Plus 7 Powder Ingredients […]


FAQ Where are the company’s products manufactures and are they authorized by the Ministry of Health? All Jakov Marketing 2020 Ltd. products are manufactured in Israel,according to GMP standards, and authorized by the Ministry of Health. Does the company conduct experiments on animals? The company views protection and preservation of the environment and animals as […]


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Ingredients of our Collagen

Ingredients of our Collagen Collagen Collagen is the most commonly found protein in the human body. It makes up 25% to 35% of all the protein in the body and about 80% of face skin proteins. The body knows how to produce collagen and needs vitamin C to do so. The amount of naturally produced […]


About Avraham Jakov, who has rich experience and knowledge in the marketing world, joined a team of experts in body, skin and hair supplements to found Jakov Marketing Ltd.The company aims to provide the highest level quality and advanced products.The company attaches great importance to easy and direct product access at fair prices. Our Vision […]