Colagen Plus 7 Ingredients

Our experts developed the right and best formula for you.
Colagen Plus 7 Ingredients gives your skin a radiant and healthy look,
together with volume, elasticity and firmness.
Every bottle contains 60 capsules

Colagen Plus 7 Powder Ingredients

Our team of experts, that specializes in beauty products for women
created a unique supplement that combines, in addition to collagen powder and fish scales,
6 additional ingredients to offer you best results.

Celebrating your

natural beauty

Our products are manufactured in a plant located in the Galilee, according to manufacturing conditions approved by the Ministry of Health, and are made of quality and natural ingredients.
We invest significant resources in developing new products and are committed to offering quality products at fair prices and at the highest service level.
As a company for which protection and preservation of the environment and animals is a paramount value,
we do not conduct experiments on animals.

We invite you to discover the Jakov world of beauty.

What customers say about us

“It’s simply amazing!”

“I keep getting compliments about the change I underwent. "

Moran Shamir

“This miracle capsule changed my life!

I feel younger and self-confident."

Liran Shilling

“It works like magic!

Within only two months I already saw results.”

Mazal Sibhat



Zinc, a trace element, is a nourishing substance that fills many important functions in our body. Our

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